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Russian Federation Tourist Visa

Russian Federation Business Visa

Business Visa requirements and application forms for Russian Federation

  1. A SIGNED passport valid for at least six months from the date of departure from Russia. PASSPORT MUST BE SIGNED.
  2. One completed visa application form ( click here for online form). Click on "Registration" on the top right of screen first and obtain a "DeclarantID"(User ID) and Password. Make sure to print the "Declaration ID" and "password" and keep it for your reference and send to capitol Visa a copy as well. Now proceed. Please note that ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED. Write "N/A or "None", or "Don't Know" as applicable. PLEASE MAKE SURE to answer all questions pertaining to your Inviting Organization in Russia and enter their Tax Identification Number (TIN organization) in its appropriate space. If you had USSR or Russian citizenship before please explain on a separate sheet of paper when and how you lost it. In answer to the last question "Place of submission" choose "United States" as country and "ILS Washington" Now save and proceed "
  3. Two passport-size photos taken within the past six months. DO NOT staple to application form.
  4. Visa Fees:
    Single-Entry Visas
    4-20 Business days $ 123
    3 Business days $ 213

    Double-Entry Visas
    4-20 Business days $ 177
    3 Business days $ 321

    Multiple-Entry Visas
    4-20 Business days $ 303
    3 Business days $ 573

    Single-Entry Transit Visas
    4-20 Business days $ 123
    3 Business days $ 213

    Double-Entry Transit Visas
    4-20 Business days $ 177
    3 Business days $ 321
    Visa Transfer or Replacement
    Irrespective of Processing Time $ 123

  5. Visa transfer or replacement at a Consular Divison or Consular Section of a Diplomatic Mission of the Russian Federation which initially issued the visa $69

    **In case the application needs a correction, the embassy will charge a $30 fee.

  6. The original Official visa support or invitation from the sponsor in Russia.
    A copy of the official invitation or visa support - names of the travelers to Russia, the dates they will be in Russia, and the cities they will visit in Russia will be necessary unless the invitation has been sent directly to the Russian Embassy.
    If the invitation has been sent to any Russian consulate other than the consulate in Washington D.C., please be sure to specify to which Russian consulate the invitation was sent.
  7. NON-US CITIZENS: A copy of front and back of Green Card.
  8. A completed Capitol Visa Services Service Request Form.
    Note: Different types of non tourist visas which we have labeled "BUSINESS visas" may require different procedures for the invitation or visa approval to be sent from Russia. Your sponsors from Russia are in the best position to know what type of document needs to be sent to you and whether or not they need to get approval from a particular Ministry in Russia.
    Please note: A multiple entry visa valid for one year requires approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, which must be obtained by your sponsor. This process usually takes several weeks for your sponsor to complete.


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