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If you’re traveling internationally for business, you already have enough on your hands. In addition to the problem of packing both business and leisure clothes in a carry-on bag, you may face arranging accommodations, setting up appointments, creating PowerPoint presentations and more. To make matters worse, changes in the application process since Sept. 11, 2001 have made things that much more complicated. The last thing you want to deal with is wending your way through the business-visa application maze.

Capitol Visa Services will guide you through this complex process. We’re known internationally for our ability to ensure you receive the appropriate travel visa in a timely manner.

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The details of preparing for an international vacation can be all-consuming. Applying for your tourist visa is just one more “to-do” you really don’t need, particularly in this post Sept. 11 world where the process is even more confusing.

Our Capitol Visa Services staff is expert in the ins-and-outs of expediting your tourist visa.  Let us take care of this detail while you focus on packing and planning your international vacation.

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