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Passport and visa service for Brazil, China, India, Nigeria, Russia, Vietnam and more...

You have enough to worry about when preparing for international travel. Capitol Visa Services can help eliminate one hassle.

We’ll help you sidestep the often confusing and tiresome visa and passport process, whether your destination be Brazil, China, India, Nigeria, Russia, Vietnam or beyond. Our more than 20 years of experience ensures you’ll receive the smoothest and most prompt and secure service.

We help expedite processing for:

Hassle-Free Passport and Visa Applications for Business or Tourism

We provide all necessary forms and applications. Once you’ve completed them, simply return all documents and we’ll process them for you.

Capitol Visa Services hand-processes each visa and passport, including hand-delivery to the experts in Washington, D.C. of passports requiring visas, passport amendments, passport renewal or other changes. We even personally discuss your case with embassy consular officers or the appropriate Passport Agency to resolve any concerns.

Expediting Same Day U.S. Passports and Travel Visas

In a rush? Traveling soon? We procure same-day passports and visas. In time-sensitive situations, we rapidly expedite documentation processing. We also use the most rapid and appropriate method of delivery.

Please call us now if you have immediate need of an:


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